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(January 2010)

Two’s Company, Three’s a Steele *New*
by Ilsa Lund

It’s the New Year, so time for resolutions and instant regrets. Laura does something three times, and it isn’t a charm; some chaps blow in from London and all they really want is a decent cuppa; Felicia forgets to use the door; Am I forgetting something? The story is by Ilsa Lund / Madam Jada / Paris Match which means it’s crammed to the rafters with witty dialogue, fun and games, bed hopping, couch hopping (but somehow unrequited sexual tension), all revolving around the double-edged sword of the Cannes decision.  


(December 2009)

Survival of the Steelest
by Suejue

Before “Survivor” there was Remington Steele. Who knew?  In a battle of skills and wills Laura plays Robinson Crusoe with another Guy Friday, while Remington stews at home in a territorial funk. It all comes out in the wash, so to speak, and the INS’s most embattled relationship moves forward, inch by evolutionary inch.     

(November 2009)

Steele Searching Part 1 Addition *New*
by Sophieblue

Few things, for me, can conjure up the words “missed opportunity” better than “Steele Searching,” so hope springs eternal whenever I see that someone’s taken a crack at revising it.  This addition, to the scene at the rooming house, is short and simple, uncluttered and true, and it flows so naturally from the original that you wish it had always been this way.  It’s not just good, intuitive writing. For some of us, it’s therapy. I think I’ll just draw a hot bath, lie back, and read it again.        

(October 2009)


Once in a Steele Blue Moon
by My Barbaric YAWP


The old aphorism, “dying is easy, comedy is hard” must have some truth to it, because funny stuff is getting hard to find in Steele fiction these days. Even a crossover story will do, and this one does nicely. Mixing Moonlighting and Remington Steele, two series that were alike but different, isn’t so easy to get right, but the author blends both the shows and their lead characters without them missing a beat of their own rhythm. It adds up to a great set of mixed doubles. Every detective pair off has something to reveal, whether a barroom confessional or an office door slamming fest   – and I don’t mean reveal about the case, the mystery is almost beside the point (just like it sometimes was on television!).         


(September 2009)


Ferris Steele
by Leah B.  


A perfect snapshot of the state of play between Steele and Laura in the first season, the “Ferris” in the title a wink to both the wheel and Ferris Bueller and a little uncompensated hooky. It happens at a carnival, of course, where enchantment is in the air in more ways than one. Light and full of mischief, with a hint of bittersweet to its romantic ending. A brief explanatory note: This came from an old RSFic challenge where writers were required to use certain elements in a story, hence the list at the end.

(August 2009)

Paris When It Steeles
by Yuliya

This story has the mood-setting charm of a good song lyric -- even while it stays very grounded in character. For the uninitiated, it's about the complications, romantic and otherwise, of "winning" the bet in Steele Crazy After All These Years (weekend in Paris vs one year of Steele's life). All that intrigue aside, how could any story go wrong in referencing one of my favorite movies, How to Steal a Million. It's my first Hot Fanfic Pick of the Month.


- Lauryn

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